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Risk Assessment - Club Rides

Godric CC Club Ride Risk Assessment and Ride Leaders Guidance

Date 27th October 2021

Prepared by K Williams, Chairman.

Version 1.0


Fundamentally our club rides should be fun and enjoyable, nevertheless, we all have a responsibility to ensure that club riders are not exposed to a foreseeable risk of injury, as far as is reasonably practicable.

Godric CC have carried out this guidance and risk assessment for club rides as part of our duty of care to our members and in line with the requirements of our insurance through BCC and CUK. This insurance only covers the club, its officials when undertaking club instructions and non-member riders invited to take part in a ride (limited to 3 occasions).

Being a member of Godric CC does not provide any individual rider insurance cover and it is recommended that individual members have their own insurance.


Club Ride Risk Assessment

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We pride ourselves on being an inclusive club.  Everyone is welcome


We want our members to be as safe as possible at all times


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