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GODRIC CYCLING CLUB – Constitutional Rules (Updated March 2015)

1. The Club shall be called the Godric Cycling Club and shall be open to members of both sexes over the age of 12 years (or under 12 by invitation) subject to Parental Consent being given. Its aim shall be the furtherance of all aspects of cycling. It shall be affiliated to the appropriate National Governing Bodies of the sport, and such other Bodies as agreed by a General Purposes Committee meeting.2. The Club shall be managed by the General Purposes Committee, open to all members, and held at intervals to be decided at the Annual General Meeting for the year following that Meeting. Between these Meetings all other business deemed necessary by the Chairman and General Secretary is to be dealt with by the Club Officials as appropriate, subject to ratification at the next Meeting.The quorum shall be seven, to include the Chairman and General Secretary or their nominated substitutes. Only full members shall be entitled to vote. Items for the agenda shall reach the General Secretary at least seven days before the meeting. Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority and the Chairman shall have a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. Written postal or emailed proxy votes shall be accepted if received by the Chairman or General Secretary prior to the vote being taken.3. Club Officials, who must be full members, shall be elected annually at the AGM to cover all aspects of the Club’s activities, e.g. Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Racing Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Awards Secretary, Records Secretary, Clubruns Secretary, Press Secretary, and other officials as may be deemed necessary at the AGM. Assistants should be elected to ensure continuity in the various offices. Nominations for Club Officials shall normally be submitted to the Chairman or General Secretary in advance of the AGM, subject to the nominee agreeing to stand for the post.

4. The Club may elect, at its discretion, a President and/or Vice Presidents.

5. Classes of membership shall be:-

(a) Full membership

Senior (racing / non-racing), Junior (16-17), Youth (12-15) and Family (up to 2 adults plus children under 16 free).

(b) Invited Membership (aged under 12), subject to Parental Consent.

(c) Associate Membership, non-voting, non-racing

Rate of annual subscription for each category shall be decided at the last GPC meeting of the calendar year and ratified at the AGM

Associate Members may participate in Clubruns and in events outside the control of the Governing Bodies, and be eligible for awards other than Racing Awards.

Second Claim Members, i.e. members paying the appropriate Full Membership rate, but competing in Open Events in the name of their first claim club, shall be entitled to all the benefits of membership except eligibility for Club Racing Awards.

6. Annual Subscriptions become payable on January 1st each year. Any member not paying the subscription by the end of January shall be deemed to have resigned and to have forfeited all the rights and privileges of membership.

7. Prospective members shall complete and submit the membership application form, accompanied by the appropriate subscription, to the Membership Secretary, after which the application for membership shall be considered at the next monthly meeting. U18 membership applications must be accompanied by a completed Parental Consent form. Prospective members may compete in events prior to the ratification of their application, subject to the completion of the application form, payment of the annual subscription, and the approval of a responsible Club Official.

New members elected after September 30th in any year shall be entitled to membership until December 31st. of the following year.

8. A General Purposes Committee shall have the power to expel any member for gross mis-conduct prejudicial to the Club or the sport of cycling.

9. The Club’s financial year shall commence on January 1st and end on December 31st after which date the Treasurer shall prepare the accounts and balance sheet. These shall be audited annually by Auditor(s) elected by a General Purposes Committee prior to the AGM.

10. The finances of the Club shall be managed by the General Purposes  Committee under the guidance of the Treasurer, who shall maintain a bank account(s) for that purpose.

The account(s) shall be in the name of the Godric Cycling Club, and all cheques for payment shall be signed by the Treasurer and at least one other Club Official, or member, authorised at an AGM.

11. The AGM shall be held in the month of February each year and at least 14 days notice of this meeting shall be sent to members, with a copy of the agenda and balance sheet. At the AGM Officials shall be elected for the following year, reports shall be received from Officials, the accounts and balance sheet shall be received and approved as appropriate, and major policy items considered along with other such items as are appropriate and on the agenda.

12. Special General Meetings may be called by a vote at a General Purposes Committee, or by the General Secretary upon receipt of a request (by post or email) by at least seven Full Members, subject to 14 days notice (with a copy of the Agenda) being given to all members.

13. Items for the agenda of the AGM must reach the General Secretary, at least 21 days before the meeting.

14. Recommendations for alterations or additions to these Constitutional Rules may be made at the AGM or at a SGM called for the purpose, and must appear on the Agenda. To succeed, a proposition shall require to be supported by not less than two thirds of the votes cast by those entitled to vote at the meeting. Written postal or emailed proxy votes shall be accepted if received by the Chairman or General Secretary prior to the vote being taken. All other decisions at an AGM or SGM shall be by simple majority, the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie. Rules other than Constitutional Rules may be altered at a General Purposes Committee meeting and shall require a two thirds majority.

15. Club colours and design may only be amended at an AGM or a SGM called for the purpose.

16. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by a General Purposes Committee meeting with decisions being binding on all parties.

17. In the event of the Club being disbanded, wound-up or ceasing to function, members shall not benefit personally from the disposition of Club assets. The Club assets shall be disposed of in accordance with the Club’s stated aim, i.e. the furtherance of all aspects of Cycling.

Download a pdf copy of the Constitutional Rules

GODRIC CYCLING CLUB – Racing Rules (Updated May 2015)

1. All competitors shall observe the rules laid down by the National Governing Bodies where appropriate.

2. Club championships:

a) Club Championships shall include, but not be limited to:
10 mile TT, 25 mile TT, 50 mile TT and Hill Climb
b) Prizes will be dependent on the number of Godric CC entries to the event as follows:
5 or fewer – 1 prize
6 to 9      – 2 prizes
10 or more  – 3 prizes
c) The first prize shall be a medal and the appropriate trophy (if any) which the winner will hold for one year.
d) Club 50 mile Championship, prizes to be awarded for the fastest overall and the fastest on handicap in accordance with 2b).
e) All prizes must be claimed, none will be awarded automatically. Claims must be made to the Awards Secretary or General Secretary by 31st October in the year in which the prize is awarded.

3.Entry fees for all events in the following season shall be decided at the last GPC Meeting of the calendar year and ratified at the AGM.

4. Recommendations for alterations or additions to the Racing Rules shall be in accordance with Rule 14 of the Constitutional Rules.

5.Time Standards

a) Medals for achieving bronze, silver and gold time standards shall be awarded to Godric CC members competing in events organized by Godric CC or in other recognised events.
b) Riders who have previously been awarded a time standard medal shall not be eligible for that time standard.
c) A rider shall not receive more than one time standard award for any one performance.
d) Entrants in 12 or 24 hour events failing to better the standard already achieved, but improving on their best performance, shall receive a medal.

Download a pdf copy of the Racing Rules

GODRIC CYCLING CLUB – Record Attempts (Updated May 2015)

1. All record attempts shall be by a solo, unassisted[1] and unpaced[2] rider, on an out and home basis, the rider to start at Bungay Post Office, 42 Earsham Street, NR35 1AA.

2. New records may be set by Club members, subject to permission being obtained from the Club Committee.

3. Riders are able to set their own route for the record attempt, subject to the following conditions:

a) Riders must pass the turn point for an existing record as per specified location.
b) Only public highways are to be used for the attempt, properly and in accordance with regulations. No crossing or riding on public footpaths, bridleways, cycle-paths or pedestrian areas.

4. Notification of an attempt on an existing record shall be handed to the General Secretary together with the relevant fee, proposed route and schedule at least 14 days before the event.

5. Each record attempt shall require a Timekeeper and a Turn Marshall, which can be a combined role. Persons must hold Senior Membership (Full or Associate) of Godric CC.

6. Entry fees for record attempts in the following season shall be decided at the last GPC Meeting of the calendar year and ratified at the AGM.

7. One entry fee shall cover a single attempt on one day only. For the purpose of this rule, the calling out of the Timekeeper shall constitute an attempt. Any member failing to start in any three record attempts in one year shall be barred from any further record attempts until January 1st of the following year.

8. The official record time shall be taken to the nearest second above the actual time.

9. A Certified Timepiece shall be used for all record attempts.

10. Separate records shall exist for both male and female riders as follows:

a) Veterans – over the age of 40.
b) Seniors – over 18
c) Junior – 16 to 17 years
d) Youth – 12 to 15 years

11. Riders in the U18 categories are able claim for records at an age category above their own.

12. Tricycle records may be established in all the separate categories.

13. A medal shall be awarded to each successful Record Attempt.

[1] In any attempt on record, when dismounted the rider shall wheel or carry their machine without assistance whilst covering any forward portion of the route.

[2]A rider attempting a record shall ride entirely alone and unassisted. They must not ride in company with, nor take shelter from any other rider nor from any vehicle. They shall not be preceded within sight, accompanied or followed or passed except by the timekeeper/turn-marshal nor must they accept food or drink or any other article, except from persons on foot. A helper in or on a moving vehicle shall not pass the rider more than once in any 10 miles, or give the rider generally audible instructions, information, assistance or encouragement. The rider may only be passed by the timekeeper/turn marshall


GODRIC CYCLING CLUB – Place to Place Records (Updated May 2015)

Existing records – out and home from Bungay Post Office (52°27’22.9″N 1°26’04.5″E) to:

Place Approx Mileage Turn Point Location
Beccles 11 Junction of Puddingmore with Saltgate and Northgate. 52°27’33.9″N 1°33’45.7″E
Harleston 14 Intersection of Church Street with the thoroughfare, opposite Hotel. 52°24’06.6″N 1°17’56.4″E
Halesworth [3] 18 Roundabout at intersection of A144 Norwich Rd with Bridge Street and Quay Street 52°20’43.3″N 1°30’09.7″E
Lowestoft [3] 30 A1144 St Peters Street Roundabout Intersection with Katwijk Way 52°28’54.1″N 1°45’05.9″E
Gt Yarmouth [4] 38 Roundabout at the intersection of Pasteur Road with Thamesfield Way 52°36’00.2″N 1°42’54.8″E
Aldeburgh 53 Intersection of A1094 High Street with Crabbe Street 52°09’07.3″N 1°36’04.9″E
Bury St Edmunds 72 Main entrance to Abbey Gardens, Angel Hill intersection with Abbeygate Street 52°14’41.5″N 0°42’58.0″E
Ipswich [3] 74 Roundabout at the junction of A1156 with Berners Street and Civic Drive 52°03’35.2″N 1°08’52.8″E
Cromer [3] 78 Junction of Church St with Bond St, past parish Church 52°55’51.4″N 1°18’05.4″E
Kings Lynn 108 Hardwick Road Roundabout on A47 Constitution Hill 52°44’07.0″N 0°25’11.9″E
London 198 Loop around St Johns Parish Church – Stratford, using Broadway off the A118 51°32’26.6″N 0°00’04.6″E

[3] Turn was previously at the post office – now closed or in a pedestrian area.

[4] Turn was previously at the Two Bears Hotel on Pasteur Road – now demolished.

Download a pdf copy of the Record Attempts



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